In early times, archery was used by the Mongolian tribes for both civilian and military purposes as defensive instrument; however, nowadays it has been used more common for entertainment and enjoyment. The text of the inscription, supposedly dated from 1226, may be interpretedas follows: "While Chinggis Khan was holding an assembly of Mongolian dignitaries, after his conquest of Sartaul(East Turkestan), Esunkhei mergen shot a target at 335 alds (502m)". Chinggis Khan lauded his ability and ordered to set up a special monument to him. This monument is considered to be the first monument dedicated to the sport achievement over the world. Nowdays this 780 years' old monument is kept at the Ermitage Museum at the city of Peterburg, Russian Federation. Mongolians have long history of use of archery from 13th century and have developed its advanced style, THE MONGOLIAN BOW.