Mongolian Archery
Rule of Mongolian national archery is established since the derivation of archery and defined in details developing more according to social prosperity. It is very proud that wise archer astonish by their snipe in the ancient myths and tales. Nearly all age people from 8-years old child till 80-year old man participate in archery.
The national archery contest is divided into 2 types: serial and team archery.
The serial archery is concluded by each person and the team archery is concluded by the team. The people of participating in archery is divided by age: 8-12 year old children, 18 of above 18 year old man and woman. People participating in contest must obtain arrows and bows correctly, well, know archery rules well and hare good health. Long distance of archery is 75m or 45 bows. Archery's target is divided into 2 types: khana and khasaa. There are 120-300 khana target and 30 khana target. Khana target is built not below than 3 levels and not more than 6 levels. Long distance of woman archers is 60m, boys under 18 is 4m and girls 3m per their ages. The national archery means has peculiar features. So it is prohibited to participate in the national archery contest with other types of bows and arrows. E.g: arrows and bows of international target archery. Mongolian national archery has more peculiar features than other countries. Gorgeous leather wicker is erected as khana, khasaa and archers contest targeting team. Following materials are used for making bows. Birch tree, horn shaped tree, tendon, fish glue and bone. The tendon is made in front of the horn shaped tree, in middle of the birch. Gichir, another type of tree is connected with two tops of the bow and a chubby thing is made of bone. They are glued by fish glue. Size of measure is divided into three gategories: of great hand, middle hand and small hand. Length of the great hand is 165-170 cm, middle hand 160 cm and small hand is 150 cm. (during string)
String of bow. Bow's String is made of thread or fiber binding team at present. About 50-70 pieces of thread are used with help of embroidery frame, implament for stretching out skin leather.
Arrow. Willow arrow is light. 1m long arrow is made by two types: straigth arrow and snake shaped arrow. It is said that the snake shaped arrow is fast. The arrow is thier in the middle and two tops are thin. Eagle's feather is made in back of arrow. Arrow's speed depend on the bow's strength and the arrow's design. At present efficient target of arrow is 100-150m.
Archer's target. It's made of wet skin(of horse, cattle, camel) wiking 8x8 cm shape of barrel. The archer's target mast have invariable weight. At present the archer's target 4m wide and 50cm long. 3m front contour is drawn in front of the archer's target and i'm counter drawn in the back. The archers wear Khalkh Mongolian National costumers. In the seguential archery competition the with State rank and Sport master shall start. The first shooting is called sniping round and last shooting is valled final round. Special rule is followed that in the sniping round two archers shoot for one archers target, 4 archers in next rounds and 2 younger good archers shoot all the archers cry out supporting others in all rounds. Every archers shoot 40 arrows, 20 for Khana target and 20 for Khasaa target. The archery won the contest is granted with rank of "Wise". Rank of winners of many times is different. The cry our of archery is a kind slogan expressing hapiness of the archers. The cry but is different as sambar, target and friend's. The cries out are inherited since ancient times. Firstly cry out is made for archers standing for target supporting him or her to hit correctly. If he or she hits correctly the cry out shall be louder as congratulating the one. After his cry out the cry out of sambar goes on. The friend's cry out is made in the beginning and final of the contest. The Naadam Festival, Mongolian State Rule Holiday which continues for 2 days is very interesting period attracting foreign tourists. The Three Manly Games from ancient times has been played important role in the success of Mongolian athletes in the World Olympic champion of many categories of sport such as free, sambo and jodo wrestlings.


Depending on the number of wins for summer festival competitions in archery, the contestants can have the ranks of “Ulsiin mergen” (1 time winner), “Khoshoi mergen” (2 time winner), “Gots mergen” (3 time winner), “Garamgai mergen” (4 time winner), “Dayar dursakh mergen” (5 time winner), “Darkhan mergen” (6 and above time winner), which are given by the president of Mongolia.
One has the rank of mergen (sharp shooter) wears specially decorated “pointy hat” that has silver decorations on top and sides, and red tail on the back.
Also contestant can possess ranks as master of sports, candidate for master of sports, if their hit 32 and 30 out of 40 trials, respectively.

Men                 75 m
Women            65 m
Boys                age x 4m
Girls                 age x 3m

Every contestant has to shoot 40 arrows to the target and whoever hit most the target becomes the winner. In case of ties, contestants have to step backward (1m) and take trial

Score – Praising
Special vocal sound is used as a sign for invitation to shoot by the people those are judging and standing next to the target line. If the target is hit, those people raise their hands and sing the vocal sound more louder.

We have 2 targets. One of the “hana” target, it’s mean big target. One of the “hasa” target, it’s mean small target.
In the champion man was shooting 40 arrow. First hana target shooting 20 times, hasa target have a 20 times, summa it will 40.
Who have a good shooting and have more beat target that was champion archery.
Hana and hasa target we name it ZURKHAI. Man /adult/ was shooting 75 miters. Woman /adult/ shooting 65 miters. Child was shooting 4 miters each years old.
For example:    Boy was 12 years old. He shooting 12*4=48 miters.
Girl was 12 years old, she shooting 12*3=36 miters.
This is Zurkhai. Zurkhai have a targets.
Hana zurkhai was a big targets. Looks like that.

Hana targer big target. Because arrow shooting target and big UYAA. If arrow shooting here /blue item/ man was good shooting. Pls see the picture whit blue.


Hasa target is small target. Arrow shooting only in target.
Zurhai. Zurkhai it was a target’s place. If arrow landing that place and shooting target hana or hasa, it was a one point. Zurhai like that picture.

For example: Adult man shooting 75 miter.